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Your "kick-off" meeting with a CHITS project manager features an equally strong focus on the three distinct foundations of a successful partnership:

You benefit from CHITS’ experience: Our long experience of the healthcare market has taught us what works best, and what works not so well. When it comes to learning from our experience, we have a wardrobe full of tee shirts.

As we get to know our clients, we keep the tee shirts but share the experience and, as we set about conceiving of the Internet strategy that will work best for you, we will review the strategies that have worked best for your competitors.

We get to understand your objectives: However we define “design”, it cannot be good if it does not contribute to the achievement of your ambitions for your business – in the work that you do, and in satisfying your customers.

This is equally true for the graphic design we apply in presenting your business to the world; and in designing the communication strategy for getting your messages out to the people who need to hear them.

We learn together about your customers: None of the above will matter without a clear sense of who your customers are. Learning from our experience and sharing your aims for your business will get you only halfway.

Going full circle together consists in knowing how to attract and retain the people who need to know about your business. How do they find you, and why do they stay with you? If they are to find you on the Internet, what search terms will they employ? And can we craft a strategy for retaining and developing relationships with the people who have troubled to find you in the first place?

One of the oldest and least true myths aboutany website is that, if you build it, they will come. Of course we aim to create websites that are attractive to look at, easy to navigate, useful in the information they supply and good ambassadors for the businesses they promote. But they must do more, and they will not succeed just by being there.

A good website is designed:

  • First, to be found;
  • Second, to encourage the active engagement of its users; and
  • Third, to inspire users to return, again and again and again.

Which is what any good business will want from all of its customers.

Landing Pages

"People coming to your website need to find information quickly … or they will leave"

Traditional websites have a home page to welcome the viewer to the site and all other pages follow on from that and aren’t designed to be used as stand-alone pages.

As website design has evolved and the public demand for user friendly websites has increased, web designers are creating websites where every page is a potential landing page that can function like a home page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page on your website that receives visitors from other sites or a search engine such as Google. It’s an entry point for a specific section of a website. The landing page will be designed to receive specific visitors who are interested in the subject content on the page and the page will be worded in a way that entices visitors to take action, for instance, to purchase a product or make an appointment. As these types of pages often result in sales or new referrals, they can also be called lead capture pages.

Our graphics team are highly experienced in capturing your message and presenting it in an effective manner on your landing page.

As web viewers are usually interested in the website page they have landed on – as they clicked on the page in the first place – you will have a larger group of visitors who are happy with what they find on your site and who want to make further enquiries.

Attracting Patients with Landing Pages

This marketing strategy can be applied to a professional healthcare provider to increase the traffic to your site as well as the number of appointment bookings. Typically, you would design a landing page for each major condition or treatment that you offer.

If you would like to try this method for your medical practice, please contact Chits UK.

We will assign you your own project manager who will arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your aims for the practice and what you hope to achieve. When your goals have been established, we can develop a marketing plan that integrates several different strategies to bring you new clients, including landing pages.


"Keep visitors on your site longer by getting them to interact"

Interactivity is one of the latest tools to make web browsing a more enjoyable experience for patients. Interactivity tools could include:

  • Integrated videos
  • Animated 'before' and 'after' surgery
  • Interactive gallery animation
  • Calculators
  • Questionnaires
  • Mobile health applications
  • 3D gallery to allow prospective patients to see your hospital or clinic
  • Interactive appointment booking systems

Visual information has increased dramatically, particularly on the Internet – according to  Google Trends. This isn’t surprising as the human brain is programmed to interpret and respond to visual information more effectively than text. Our brain is a computer that takes in a huge amount of information every day and in this technological age; we take in more information than ever before.

Sometimes reading endless reams of text is just too taxing. Average web users only skim pages that they view and don’t read all of the information on the page. Interactive web graphics break up long pages of text and make them more appealing to users. Bright animations or videos make it easier for viewers to process information and they are more likely to read health promotions on a site if it is full of pictures and interactive media.

Applying Interactive Tools to Your Website

You can improve the functionality of your website by adding interactive tools. They are especially useful to cosmetic surgery practices. If you’re a cosmetic surgeon with a consultant website you can increase the amount of interest in your clinic by adding moving ‘before’ and ‘after’ surgery pictures that gradually morph from one to the other.

Potential patients are more likely to book an initial appointment to discuss a cosmetic operation if they can see the positive result first.

However, you don’t have to be a surgeon to benefit from having an interactive website. Doctors can also use visual applications to deliver healthy lifestyle messages or instructions on taking medicines. The applications could be utilised by well-man and well-woman clinics, paediatrician clinics, sports injury clinics or private obstetric practices, to name a few.

More patients say they understand information on medicine and health advice better if it is given to them with pictures or moving animations included.

Call on the Experts

Chits UK are the digital marketing specialists who focus on professional healthcare marketing and can create responsive websites that are mobile friendly and interactive, to attract new clients and make viewing easy and fun. We place special interactivity tools on our consultant websites and other healthcare sites so both doctor and patient can benefit.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.