Secure Hosting


Secure Hosting

“Website hosting is like a light bulb. You should be able to switch it on and forget about it.”

Running a business leaves you with little time to worry about website hosting problems, nor should it. By choosing Chits UK to build and host your website you can be assured that every aspect of your website maintenance will be taken care of so you can focus on caring for your clients.

Expert Help when you Need It

We will help you with the installation and configuration of your website and we’ll monitor and maintain it for you, including making sure it is backed up and you don’t lose any valuable data.

Our all-inclusive service means you’ll never be left wondering what to do if something goes wrong. Our dedicated secure hosting brings you peace of mind and a solution for managing your healthcare website.

Chits don’t share their hosting platform with anyone else. Our server is unique to us - self-managed and owned by ourselves, purely for usage by our professional healthcare clients and without the problems sometimes encountered as a result of shared platforms.

The Problem with Shared Platforms

Many smaller organisations host their website on a shared server, alongside any number of other websites. If those other websites create issues on the server, then this can impact on all the other websites on that server. For a pharmacy, surgery or clinic this could be disastrous and cause you to lose web visitors and appointments. For private healthcare providers, this could also hit business hard.

Triple Protection for your Website

Chits UK is the premier choice for secure hosting as we have three levels of backup for your website so if one system fails we can switch to another server and location.

You don’t have to worry about crashes or falling prey to Internet hackers. If either of those things happen, we can recover a previous version of your website from only one day earlier so you only lose the minimum amount of information.

With Chits UK hosting, your modern responsive website will always be open for business.

To make an enquiry about secure hosting for your medical website, contact our technical support team today.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.