Mobile Apps - Requirement Analysis

More Doctors are Using Mobile Apps than Ever Before

Nine out of ten doctors use a smart phone, and the majority (82%) of them say they regularly use their smart phone at work to help them carry out their clinical duties, according to Cello Health Insight’s latest survey). There are thousands of apps on the market with medical apps increasing in popularity both for doctors and their patients, but what if you don’t want an off the peg app?

That’s where Chits UK come in. As leading interest specialists with a focus on professional healthcare marketing we have a vast amount of experience working with top London clinics and eminent consultants and we can develop medical apps personalised to suit your needs.

Mobile App Requirement Analysis

We can create cross-platform mobile apps and can design your app to function effortlessly across different operating systems, whether you want it to run on Windows, Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android.

First Steps in Creating Your App

The first step in creating your new app is to set up an initial meeting so our designers can understand why you want an app and how you intend to use it in your medical practice. We look at market research, your current marketing strategy and your competition to decide on the kind of app that would meet your needs.

During the course of our research we look beyond the typical industry considerations to bring you innovative, unique and practical medical applications that will make your practice more efficient, help with precision diagnostics, improve clinical outcomes and improve your clinic’s profit while creating a more satisfying consultation experience for your patients.

Research has shown that patients prefer doctors who spend less time on paperwork and they feel more confident in their chosen medical practice if it has the latest technology. A happy patient equals a returning patient which is better for you and your business.

Other Ways Chits Can Help

As a top medical digital marketing specialist, Chits UK can also help promote your clinic in other ways. We are experienced in designing professional healthcare websites, responsive websites and mobile websites that adapt to whatever medium your potential clients view them on – increasing your enquiries and appointments. We can enhance your online presence on social media sites and we are experts in online advertising and search engine optimisation so that patients looking for your speciality in medicine will find you. Contact us today for further information.