Print Marketing

“Printed material will sometimes have a longer shelf-life as people will hang on to some publications”

Did you know that people read 30% faster on paper? Despite the public love affair with Facebook, Twitter and other digital media, the good old fashioned book can still be easier to read than computer based information. Using a combination of print marketing AND digital marketing can be very effective if a campaign is planned well.

Print Marketing

Advantages of Print Marketing


Some consumers view print advertisements in newspapers and magazines as being ‘safer’ than online ads. The Internet has been used by some unethical fraudsters, so being printed in a physical paper gives the business an air of credibility.

More Involving

As people do read papers 30% faster, a traditional print advert can be effective in getting your message across.

Captivating Niche Audiences

With print advertising you can publish in magazines aimed at a specific niche that corresponds with your business, so you know the people who are reading your advert are already interested in what you do. This will increase the number of enquiries that become clients.

Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Print advertising can be accessible both in traditional formats and digitally. For instance, if you send out special offer tokens with QR codes they can be scanned on a smartphone and the user will then be transferred to a page on your website.

Nearly half of all shoppers are likely to search the web after viewing a magazine ad.

Plummeting Prices

Print advertisements were traditionally expensive but as the popularity of the Internet soared and more businesses use the Internet as a cheaper form of promotion, magazines had more printing space available and so now the cost of printing a high quality advertisement has fallen.

Better Brand Recognition

Print publications have a loyal group of readers and may lead to better brand recognition of your treatments and services. Magazines also stay around a lot longer than Internet ads. Magazines and newspapers can sit around in homes, doctor’s surgeries and other venues for years, helping others to familiarise with your logo and what you stand for, whereas computer based ads disappear into cyberspace much more quickly.

If you are thinking of having a print advertising campaign for your healthcare practice,clinic or hospital, Chits UK can advise you on the type of print advertising that will be most suited to your practice.