Mobile Design


Mobile Design

Long gone are the days when reading websites and locating useful information was an activity restricted to desktop devices, while mobile phones were just for phoning while you yourself were mobile. In fact, not only is it true that mobile phones are now as likely to be used to access information as are desktops, it is much more likely now that users will communicate with product and service providers – sending enquiries, ordering supplies and making bookings, etc. – via their tablets and mobile phones.

This year will see mobiles overtake desktops for accessing the Internet, with more than a billion people now using their mobiles in this way. No businesses – whether the biggest hospitals, smaller clinics, or the single consultants and doctors -- can afford to be promoting themselves without being “platform agnostic”. That is, masters of all media.

The engineers and coders at work within the CHITS web design teams are old hands at so-called “responsive design” – ensuring the correct display of client messages across all platforms. What our project managers aim to do in their work with clients is to focus on content that makes such responsiveness as easy and natural-looking as possible.

As with all the work we do, it is important but not sufficient to have it just looking good on any and all devices. Our aim is to have it working smoothly and reliably at all times, and encouraging users to engage with their health providers through whichever device they choose to use.

This is about more than meticulous planning for the sake of our clients’ convenience, important though this certainly is. There is a purely practical consideration in play here too. Google have made it clear that they will be paying more attention to the “mobile friendliness” of websites and, put simply, websites that do not work reliably and comfortably on mobile devices will not be ranked as highly.

The bottom line

Whether you are a sole consultant or a group of doctors, a growing clinic or the biggest hospital, your website needs to be:

  • Platform agnostic and designed specifically to be mobile-friendly;
  • Tested constantly to ensure that it loads and provides smooth navigation; and
  • A reliable provider of an engaging experience that works for users on the move.

Get this right and keep getting it right, and your customers will keep coming back.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.