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At Chits, we have a team of mobile app specialists who have a wealth of experience in creating cross-platform mobile apps with an intuitive user experience. Besides having worked with clients from various industries and geographies, we know what it means to understand ideas/concepts/custom development needs. We design and develop custom applications across Windows, Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android platforms. Simply give us your brief and we will apply our innovative thinking to develop a cutting edge mobile app to drive your business goals.

Healthcare Mobile Applications

With technology moving forward continually, Mobile apps are changing the way healthcare is delivered and accessed for both healthcare professionals and patients. Almost nine out of ten (88%) UK doctors own a smartphone and the majority (82%) said they use them regularly at work for professional purposes according to Cello Health Insight’s latest study.

We use our vast knowledge-base from working with leading London clinics and renowned consultants to deliver the best and most marketable mobile apps for healthcare professionals. We understand the healthcare audience and tailor make our applications to suit their needs.

Scoping & Analysis

Our approach starts with understanding the app idea in the form of business requirements. These requirements are based on current business processes, market research, existing marketing strategy and competition analysis. We use traditional methods to look beyond industry trends as well as innovative examples across multiple business scenarios.


Wireframes” are the skeletons of screens, providing a structural look at the layout of an app. The intention of these structured drawings is to focus mainly on what the screen does, and not exactly what it looks like. Wireframes are supposed to lack colour, graphics, or typographic styles; they are not meant to be viewed as final designs and are certainly intended to be a part of an iterative process. Well-designed wireframes must give the user a clear understanding of the structure and functionality of an application.

With over 3 million apps available in the iOS, Android and Windows stores, Chits work to ensure our apps stands out amongst the competition. Chits have a designated design team that will convert your idea and culminate content into an intuitive and engaging user journey. We normally involve clients in the wire framing stage before moving onto actual app development.


Chits' wide knowledge and experience makes us an ideal partner for your mobile app development. Our extensive knowledge working with the iOS app store and the google android play store give us a competitive edge on understanding operational & development systems as well as all other technical implementations required to fulfil your app development requirements.

We deploy senior designers, developers and account manager to ensure that we deliver projects to your satisfaction and enhance user experience by adding cutting-edge features.

Mobile App Testing and Quality Assurance

Chits have an independent, specialised Testing department consisting of experienced professionals, proven processes, and tool specialists. Our core test process involve:

  • Generate Test Cases
  • Error reports
  • Test summary report
  • Recommendations

Our Test Methodology Overview:

  • Confirm basic functionality and feature are included for application
  • Design QA: Ensure design screens are similar to wireframe we agreed with client.
  • Compatibility testing with screen sizes, mobile operating system versions and hardwares.
  • Our mobile app is proof from uncertain events, database crashes and unexpected user behaviours.
  • Development QA: Determine if system meets design requirements and features are working at user satisfaction.

Launch, Monitor and Review

When we complete our comprehensive testing and quality assurance phase we prepare app for app store submission. We ensure that we once app development is completed we submit our app and get it approved with app store. We stay connected to partner with you for continuous updates and new development for your app. We also consider user feedback and release update when required and also implement new functionality to enhance user experience and grow your mobile application. We are here for you:

  • App store submission
  • Release versions
  • Ongoing support
  • Enhance new functionality based on user feedback

More Doctors are Using Mobile Apps than Ever Before

Nine out of ten doctors use a smart phone, and the majority (82%) of them say they regularly use their smart phone at work to help them carry out their clinical duties, according to Cello Health Insight’s latest survey). There are thousands of apps on the market with medical apps increasing in popularity both for doctors and their patients, but what if you don’t want an off the peg app?

That’s where Chits UK come in. As leading interest specialists with a focus on professional healthcare marketing we have a vast amount of experience working with top London clinics and eminent consultants and we can develop medical apps personalised to suit your needs.

We can create cross-platform mobile apps and can design your app to function effortlessly across different operating systems, whether you want it to run on Windows, Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android.

First Steps in Creating Your App

The first step in creating your new app is to set up an initial meeting so our designers can understand why you want an app and how you intend to use it in your medical practice. We look at market research, your current marketing strategy and your competition to decide on the kind of app that would meet your needs.

During the course of our research we look beyond the typical industry considerations to bring you innovative, unique and practical medical applications that will make your practice more efficient, help with precision diagnostics, improve clinical outcomes and improve your clinic’s profit while creating a more satisfying consultation experience for your patients.

Research has shown that patients prefer doctors who spend less time on paperwork and they feel more confident in their chosen medical practice if it has the latest technology. A happy patient equals a returning patient which is better for you and your business.

Other Ways Chits Can Help

As a top medical digital marketing specialist, Chits UK can also help promote your clinic in other ways. We are experienced in designing professional healthcare websites, responsive websites and mobile websites that adapt to whatever medium your potential clients view them on – increasing your enquiries and appointments. We can enhance your online presence on social media sites and we are experts in online advertising and search engine optimisation so that patients looking for your speciality in medicine will find you. Contact us today for further information.

Mobile apps can be a great way to engage your clients and gain valuable information for their treatment

Are you considering having your own mobile app designed for personal and professional use? If so, you’re not alone. 82% of doctors use their smartphones to assist them in clinical practice.

There are lots of reasons why mobile applications can benefit you:

  • Statistics and Reports - If you want to use programmes that require interpreting of statistics, calculations, charts and reports – such as for cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, a medical app provides a way for you to monitor patients effectively.
  • Patient Records – If you want to record new patient information digitally and in a more efficient way with high security, a medical app can record your patient’s details securely. Mobile apps can be accessed offline which makes them an ideal way to save confidential information. As they can operate without a network or wireless connection they aren’t as vulnerable to hackers.
  • Take Notes – If you want to take notes regularly then an app similar to Evernote would be a great way to do that.
  • Enjoy Phone Functions – By using mobile apps you also have the advantage of having access to all the functions present on a smartphone, such as click-to-call, SMS and GPS. This will make it easy for you to communicate with other doctors and find patient addresses for home visits.
  • Gaming – Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. It can improve engagement in your app if you are able to add elements of game playing into it.
  • Want Your Own Mobile App? - If you have strong ideas about the type of mobile app you want, you can trust Chits UK to design and develop your own medical app.

To get started and see how mobile technology can revolutionise your practice, contact Chits UK.

We will assign you your own project manager to see your project through from start to finish. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your aims and once we know what you want we can make your idea a reality.

There are different stages involved in building mobile applications for a private network. If you are interested in having your own personalised medical apps for your clinic or hospital, accessible only to yourself and your staff, Chits UK can develop a way in which all users will be integrated with the new application.

The first stage of this process is:

The Inception– Your idea kick starts the process, what you want and how it could be applied to benefit your practice, including the purpose of your proposed application and what your objectives are in developing the mobile app. Presentation should also be considered, for instance, how data can be organised to make it user-friendly.

After the initial idea has been fine-tuned, it will be time to move on to the second stage:

The Design– The creative graphic designers at Chits will create a stylish layout that combines well with the practical features of the app. The clean intuitive interfaces with the best usability practices are a signature of our work. We also pride ourselves for our prompt and efficient projects. By choosing Chits you can expect your design to be completed within 3 weeks and you will always be kept informed as to its progress. Before approval of the finished concept you will be asked to review and sign off on the design. This is so we can be confident that you are happy with our work before we proceed to the next stage.

The Development– The development phase is the most intensive phase of your mobile software application project. The Chits mobile app development team will build, test and check the new application, make sure it has no bugs and that it is fully functional. Your brand new application will be given to you to test in the same manner and if you find anything wrong or you would like any operational changes made to your programme, you can inform the team.

User Training – An application’s success is dependent on users being able to operate it simply. Easy access and functionality are the core aspects of a good mobile app. If you choose Chits UK to develop your mobile app, we can provide online training and webinars so you can learn your way around your new programme.

Ongoing Support– We also provide free technical support to fix bugs in the first three months. We have an annual service contract after the initial three month period is over so you never need to worry about faults.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.