Mobile App Vs Mobile Site

Are you modernising your medical practice by updating your traditional desktop website to a more user friendly mobile website? Perhaps you’re thinking of creating a mobile app, and you’re wondering what the differences are between mobile apps and mobile websites?

Chits UK – mobile app and mobile website developers, explain the advantages of both types of digital technology.

Features of Mobile Websites

  • A mobile website has instant accessibility and can be viewed on a variety of mediums including iPhone, blackberry and tablets.
  • A mobile website has the greatest degree of compatibility with various digital devices.
  • The web browser can view many and varied mobile websites on their digital device. Website addresses can be effortlessly integrated into SMS and other mobile technologies.
  • The user can make software updates to keep up with the latest in computer technology.
  • Web pages and designs can be changed by the web owner at the click of a button.
  • Mobile website addresses can be shared easily just by creating a hyperlink in an email, Facebook, blog or other forum.
  • Mobile websites can’t be deleted by viewers, unless they own the site.
  • Mobile websites are quick to build and cheaper to produce.

Features of Mobile Apps

  • A mobile app does need to be downloaded first before it can be viewed but once downloaded it can be accessed even when offline.
  • Mobile apps are more expensive and time consuming to build but they can be developed for a professional’s own specific needs.
  • A mobile app has greater security than a mobile website because the user doesn’t need to connect to a network to use it.
  • Mobile apps have a very fast connection speed – faster than website connection.
  • With a mobile app you can make use of your phone’s features too, such as camera and GPS tracking.
  • The owner of the map is able to ‘push’ messages and information to the user of the app


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