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There is no single, guaranteed way of “being creative” – no magical formula for producing a website that has everyone admiring its wow factor, or its “cutting edge”. Of course a website must be attractive, just as copy must be readable, a marketing message must be credible, and a podcast has to hold the listener’s attention.

But real creativity is hard to express, and is even more difficult to sustain, without a clear focus on achieving a result that works. In the case of developing communications strategies generally, and with websites in particular, CHITS possesses the experience and the imagination to understand the two key requirements of genuine creativity:

Creative Websites for Healthcare Professionals

We know what works. We possess more than two decades of learning and working in the healthcare sector and we have seen what it takes to connect successfully with prospects and customers. We have developed an obsession for discovering how best to make and develop these connections.

We note what succeeds; we celebrate when it’s us doing the succeeding; and we learn from our competitors when they succeed. And then we measure, consolidate, and then measure some more.

This sort of creativity is hard work, and we enjoy it.

We listen to our clients. Website creators can talk about “good design” but it’s all a bit sterile if it does not resonate with the client’s objectives for, and feelings about,their business. What must emerge from the dialogue between the designer and the client is a shared commitment to the desired result. In the words of winners everywhere: anything that does not contribute to the achievement of the result is simply a distraction.

Creativity should not distract and is never an objective in itself.

As a partnership evolves between CHITS and a client, the process of creativity becomes dynamic: in other words, we never “sling a website up there” and leave it to thrive untended. The dedication and hard work that went into the creation is sustained through the nurturing of the website beyond its launch.

The team that evolves from this partnership will continue its close monitoring of developments in the market. We listen to feedback from customers and from website users. In this way we can continue to recalibrate the presentation of the website to ensure that the CHITS client establishes and retains a winning position in its community of customers, suppliers and competitors.