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Using Email Marketing to Promote Your Medical Business

Email marketing is an excellent way to create brand loyalty.

Email marketing is direct marketing to a targeted audience via email, usually to clients or previous enquirers. Groups of people are sent messages via email to educate them about conditions and treatments, encourage them to visit a clinic, or to increase brand awareness.

Email marketing is done with the intent of encouraging customer loyalty, persuade existing customers to repeat order or arrange subsequent appointments and with the purpose of acquiring new customers.

The targeted audience can come from a current customer database, or businesses can buy lists of email addresses that fit their target audience.

Advantages of Email Marketing

There are lots of advantages of email marketing. It is cheaper than traditional 'snail mail' promotions. The sender doesn't have printing and mailing costs and doesn't have to wait as long for a response.

If consumers have joined a specific subscriber list, then it also provides a means of communicating with a large group of people who are interested in the sender's services. This creates a higher uptake rate for those services than is seen with printed marketing.

Senders can see the exact return they are getting from their email campaign as responses can be tracked, eg by monitoring email opens and clicking on embedded links. Email is environmentally friendly and less wasteful than 'snail mail', where huge amounts of paper are discarded every year and contribute to deforestation. Sending communications electronically is ethically responsible.

What Can Go Wrong?

We have all received unwanted emails. They can be highly irritating if not appropriate to our needs.

Sending the wrong kind of message, or by presenting it in the wrong way, can turn an opportunity to turn a prospect into the customer into a prospect that will never become a customer.

In certain circumstances, you can even be flagged as a 'spammer'. If this happens, you won't be able to get any further emails to your clients and prospects. The opportunity has been lost.

To avoid all these scenarios, Chits use their many years of experience to deliver an email marketing campaign that will both inform, and generate new opportunities from your clients and prospects.

Email marketing can be used to reach a wide range of people with your message. According to Ofcom Adults' Media Use and Attitudes Report, over eight in 10 adults now go online using any type of device. Six in 10 adults use a smart phone and access mobile websites and even the over 65’s are twice as likely to use a smart phone as they were in 2012, so the vast majority of the UK adult population use the Internet and have access to emails, making email an ideal commercial opportunity for businesses in all sectors.

Need Help with your Campaign?

If you want to see how email marketing could benefit your medical practice, let Chits UK take charge.

Chits are a professional healthcare digital marketing company that has been helping professional healthcare providers increase their clients since 2004. We can design an email campaign that fits with your clinic practice and ethos and we will distribute them as frequently as you need. Our graphics team will create an enticing design to encourage your potential customers to take action, whether that be downloading a brochure or making an appointment.

To get started, call us today.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.