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We provide specialist digital marketing services
in Professional Healthcare.

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Chits is a specialist marketing services agency with a difference – we specialise in only two major sectors where our knowledge and experience can deliver high impact business growth through rapid customer acquisition and retention. Established in 2004, We provide specialist digital marketing services to the following two sectors:

Chits Professional Healthcare and Chits Digital Solutions

Being specialists has proven we can help our clients find new ways to acquire and retain customers more effectively and more efficiently than our competitors. It’s that simple. Each project is allocated a Chits Project Manager who remains fully responsible to deliver your project on time, every time. With experience and access to Chits Project Management System our project managers “hand hold” you through the entire project advising and guiding you ensuring all your requirements are met.

About Chits UK

Chits UK
Project Delivery

Each project we take on is allocated a Chits Project Manager (PM) who remains fully responsible to deliver your project as per the specifications required and within the timeframes agreed at the outset. Your PM oversees all aspects of the project utilising our customised Chits Project Management System (PMS) an Internet-based system accessible by all our clients. Our PMS is a highly secure 128-bit encryption system where information can be uploaded and messages sent 24 x 7.

Our unique “Point-to-Point Methodology” means we move quickly and efficiently in grasping briefs, defining messages and delivering solutions. This is also reflected in our work and ability to deliver “bottom line” profits for our clients. This unique success formula means our clients keep coming back for more, asking us to do it again (and again).

Our Latest Clients

Our difference is one that we are proud of and one that has seen us retain more than 140 successful clients in our specialist sectors who are now better prepared than ever to succeed in the current climate. Chits 140+ Club Members receive ongoing support and practical guidance as standard – it is good advice and personal service which sets us apart.