Internet Consultancy

Chits’ consultants are officially certified and trained. With regular exams and training online with key Internet companies such as Google we make it our business to know your business.

In today’s demanding world of business communications, it is no longer enough to think in terms of individual communication products, operating on their own. No single website can carry the entire load, nor can a leaflet or a brochure or a webinar. And anyone whose approach to social media is to put all their effort into tweeting up a Twitterstorm will quickly learn a new definition of “Twit”.

Intertnet Consultancy London

Why is this so?

Simply: old models of broadcasting single messages to vastly dispersed, large audiences are no longer sufficient. Not just because this approach cannot be relied upon to get the message through, but more important: a business can no longer engage with its key audiences – customers, prospects, suppliers, allies – with a one-size fits all approach.

This is where the experience and expertise of CHITS comes sharply into focus.

Not only do we understand how to create and deliver a wide variety of products in both online offline worlds. Even better, we know how to work with our clients in developing an integrated strategy to ensure that the communication mix has the maximum impact.

Of course this means that we create the right message via the most appropriate product that is best-of-breed. We deliver that message via the most efficient distribution channel, and the impact will be measured to ensure the optimal effect.

The CHITS approach to all its clients, both new and long established, is to work tirelessly to understand their businesses and objectives. Of course we understand the general mix of communication products and how they work, but we do not start from a desire to sell a website, or develop a presence on facebook. Before having that discussion, we set out to hear about you:

What are your desires and dreams for your business and, critically, how you will measure your success in the work that you do?

What do we do?

At an initial consultation, we find out about you and your objectives for your business.

We don’t propose specific solutions and products until we understand what you need.

We work with you in creating solutions where the impact can be measured.

Your strategy for effective business communications will, in the final reckoning, be as much about how you communicate as it is about what you say. The CHITS commitment is to bring profit to your enterprise, and to enhance your brand in everything we do.